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Institutional and Administration Circulars
01 Duty Hours, Arrival, Leave and Departure  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
 02  Control of Office Inventory  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
 03  Forwarding Official Letters Relating to the Personal Affairs of the Officer  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
 04  Forwarding Official Letters due to be referred to the External Institutions  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
 05  Inspection of the Branches by the Divisional Heads.  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
 06  Uplift of the Efficiency and Productivity of Audit Officers and Branch Offices.  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
 07 The Effect of the Contribution of the Supporting Staff on the Audit Staff : the Branches S - 1, S- 2, S- 3, S- 4, S- 5, S- 11, S- 17, S- 20  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
 08  Conferment of Commendations on the Officers of the Auditor General's Department  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
 09  Circuit Bungalows of the Auditor General's Department  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
 10  Instructions on the Reservation of Vehicles on Welfare Basis and the Revised Fees.  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
 11  Disclosure of Relationships  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
 12  Regularization of the Documents Maintained by the Audit Branches  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
Circulars on Auditing and Reporting
13  Use of the Minutes of the Board of Directors Meetings of Aduditee Institution for Audit Activities  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
14   Audit Process and Issue of Audit Queries  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
15   Audit of the foreign aid projects  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
16   Audits of the Local Authorities, and Conducting Audit Discussions.  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
17   Promoting the Performance Audit  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 

 The Reports / Publication Report on the Financial Statements of the Public  Corporations, Boards, Authorities, and Statutory / Non-statutory Funds in terms of Section 14 (2) (c) of the Finance Act, No. 38 of 1971, and the 154 (6) Report on the Public Ministries and Departments.

 <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
19   Inclusion of an Audit Paragraph on Solid Waste Management in to the Audit Report of the Local Authorities  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
20  The Functions to be Executed by the L- Branch  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
21   Audit of Foreign Funded Projects  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
22   Investigation of the Petitions  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
23   Issue of Reports Received by the Reporting Branch without delay  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
24   Issue of the reports of foreign aid project on due dates  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
Other Circulars
25  Control of the Other Field Inspections other than the Inspections of the Special Investigation Unit  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
26   To Appear Before the Disciplinary Inquiry  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
27   Procedure for selection of officers for local and foreign training and foreign scholarships  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
28   Examinations Summoned by the Committee on Public Accounts, and Committee on Public Enterprises  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
29   Release of Information to the Electronic Media and all the Mass Media  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 
30   Travel on Duty Within the Island  <<English>> <<Sinhala>> 



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