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    Auditor General

    Mr. W.P.C. Wickramaratne

    Auditor General

    T.P : +94 112887028 

    Fax : +94 11 2887223

    email aag

    Name  :- Mrs.W.M.P.A.Fonseka  (DAG)

    Email Address :-

    Phone Number :- 11 2887036

    Name With InitialsDivision CodeDescription of the sectorOffice TelephoneE-mail Adrress
    Mr.R.R.M. ABESINGHA BANDA ADM  Administration 011-2887228   
    Mr.G.H.D.Dharmapala TAP  Transportation, Aviation, Ports and Shipping    
     Mrs.L.S.I. Jayarathne BPT   Banking, Finance, Public Revenue and Treasury  011-2887375  
     Mrs.W.G.N. Manike  ITP  Industries, Trade and Commerce, Public Administration and Foreign Affairs  011-2887037  
     Mr.S.M.D.S.S. Rohitha   SPA  All Audits other than Financial Audit, Other Supportive Services 011-2887368     
     PMD (Acting)  Parliament Affairs and Independent Institutions, Media and Disaster Management
     Mr.R.M. Rathnayake  APF  Agriculture, Plantation, Fisheries and Irrigation  011-2887369  
     Mr. M. Somathilaka  LPS  Local Government Authorities and Provincial Councils & Surcharge  011-2887038  
     Mr.S.M.N. Thilakarathne   POE  Power and Energy 011-2887023    
     PSY  Foreign Funded Projects, Sports and Youth Affairs  
     Mr.M.S. Nayanakumara   CGW  Coordination of Central Government Expenditure, Water Supply and Drainage  011-2887371   
     HWS  Health, Welfare and Social Security
     Mr.H.M.U.S.A. Wijekoon  TWC  Tourism, Investment Promotion, Wildlife, Forest, Culture and Arts  011-2878575  
     Mrs.W.M.P.A. Fonseka  EVT  Education and Vocational Training 011-2887036   
     Mrs.T.G.I. Padmini  RCH  Road Construction, Housing and Urban development 011-2887026 


    Mr.S.T.B. Rathnayake   DJL  Defence, Judicial, Law and Order  011-2887115  


    Name With InitialsDivision CodeDescription of the sectorOffice TelephoneE-mail Adrress
    Mrs.M.I.P. Hemamali   HED  Higher Education  011-268 6723  
     Mr.M.N. Abesiri  COT  Community Transportation  011-233 5051  
    Mrs.H.N. Ranathunga   FLS  Fisheries and Livestock  011-269 6163  
     Mrs.B.G.I. Niranja  TAC  Trade and Commerce  011-269 6462  
    Mr.J. Sunil Shantha  DEF  Defiance  011-269 6305  
     Mr.K.H.U.D. Sarath Kumara  CAM  Communication and Media 011-269 6257   
    Mrs.W.M.J.M. Hunukumbura   CPPC  Central Province Provincial Council Institutions  081-220 3195  
     Mrs.D.L.D. Gunathilake TIP   Tourism and Investment Promotion  011-266 2037  
    Mr.R.G. Hettiarachchi   WPCG  Western Province Central Government Institutions  011-209 2651    
     WPPC  Western Province - Provincial Council's Institutions
    Mr.T.P.M. Kumanayake    SGCG  Sabaragamuwa Province Central Government's Institutions    045-226 4378    
    SGLG   Sabaragamuwa Local Government's Institutions
     SGPC  Sabaragamuwa Province  Provincial Council's
    Mr.E.K.K.S. Edirisingha    HUD  Housing and Urban Development  011-218 7791   
     RAH  Road and Highways  011-286 1435
     Mr.K.M.H. Akwaththa    NCCG  North Central Province Central Government's Institutions 025-222 2704  
     NCLG  Northern Province Local Government's Institutions
     NCPC  Northern Province Provincial Council's
     Mr.H.D.J. Perera  SYA  Sports & Youth Affairs  011-269 7916  
     Mr. B.O.D. Fernando   SIF  Special Investigation & Forensic Audits 011-266 2400     
     TPD (Acting)  Treasury and Public Debts
     Mrs.S. Rathnaweera   ENR  Energy 011-287 8576     
     PWR  Power
     Mr.K.M. Jayasinghe    UPCG  Uva Province Central Government's Institutions  041-223 0097      
     UPLG  Uva Province Local Government's Institutions
     UPPC  Uva Province Provincial Council's

    Mrs.M.D.S. Amarathunga 

     IWM Irrigation & Water Resources & Mining 


     Mrs.K.R.T. Menike  PAF  Public Administration & Foreign Affairs 011-259 8020   
     Mr.K.K.S. Jayakodi MSU   Medical Supplies  011-269 9602  
     Mrs.V.D. Seetha PAL   Plantation & Land  011-268 6712  
     Mrs.M.R.R.K. Mallawa  PAS  Ports & Shipping 011-269 6315   
     Mrs.R.M.M.S. Perera  FWL  Forest, Wild Life & Environment  011-286 6607  
    Mr.M.G. Madarasinghe   SPPC  Surthern Provincial Local Government's Institutions  091-224 7503  
     SPLG (Acting)  Sourthern Province Provincial Council's Institutions  011-287 8579
     Miss.W.V.S.P. Rathnaseeli  RTP  Reporting, Translation & Parliamentary  011-269 6204  
     Mr.P.K.M.P. Nonis ARI   Agriculture & Related Industries  037-223 1845  
     Mrs.J.A.S. Anastine  NWLG    North Western Provincial Local Government's Institutions   037-222 2707   
     037-222 2707
     Mrs.T.R.M. Weerarathna  EDU  Education


     Mrs.M.T. Ihalagamage  THO  Teaching Hospitals  011-269 9602  
     Mrs.R.S. Katugampala  JLO  Judicial, Low & Order 011-219 2461   
     Mrs.H.M. De Soyza  LSW  Labour and Social Welfare  011-269 6401  
     Mr.S.P. Weerasinghe   NWCG  North Western Province Central Government's Institutions  037-222 5173    
     NWPC (Acting)  North Western Province Provincial Council's Institutions
     Mrs.U.N. Aluthge  IMT  Industries, Manufacturing & Technical


     Mrs.M.A.S. Pushparani  WAS  Water & Sanitation  011-278 5319  
     Mr.H.A. Ananda  CPCG   Central Province Central Government's Institutions  081-223 3191    
    CPLG   Central Province Local Government Institutions
     Mrs.N.D.N.C. Kumari  AAV  Airport & Aviation  011-235 8820  
    Mr.P. Patkunan NPCG   Northern Province Central Government's Institutions  021-221 2667      
    NPLG   Northern Province Local Government's Institutions
     NPPC  Northern Province Provincial Council's
    Mr. B.G.Asela Idunil  SPCG   Sourthen Province Central Government's Institutions  041-222 5295  
     Mrs.H.S.S. Perera  PIC  Parliament & Independent Commissions  011-268 6753  
     Mrs.H.A.D. Chandani   CAE   Construction & Engineering  011-268 6715    
     Mr.E.M.K.M. Padmalal  PUR    Public Revenue   011-222 1773   
     011-244 5144
     Mr.M.P.I.M. Rashmi  VOT  Vocational Training 026-222 2002     
      DMG Disaster Management
    Mr.W. Ananda EPCG   Estern Province Central Government's Institutions  026-222 2002      
    EPLG   Estern Province Local Government's Institutions
    EPPC   Estern Province Provincial Council's
     Mr.P. Masakorala MED   Medical Administration  011-269 7825  
    Mr.P. Liyanage SUR   Surcharge  011-269 6275    
     WPLG  Western Provincial Local Government Institutions
    Mrs.R.M.D.S. Rathnayake  BAN  Banking, Finance & Leasing & Insurance  011-202 7178  
    Name  DesignationOfficeFaxEmail
    Mr.K.M.P.D.Jayampathi Director(Admin) 0112887015    
    Miss. M.C.Welivitigoda  Assistant Director (Admin)  011-2878578    
    Mr. R.P.S.Rajapaksha Administrative Officer 011-2887018  
    Mr. J.W.Chaminda Administrative Officer 011-2878573  
    NameDesignation       OfficeFaxE-mail
    Mr. K.G.S.P. Weerakoon (Acting)Chief Accounting011-288 7017--
    E.D.A.L.EdirisinghaAccountant011-288 7021 

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