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    Auditor General


    Auditor General

    T.P : +94 112887028 

    Fax : +94 11 2887223

    email aag

    Name With InitialsDivision CodeDescription of the sectorOffice TelephoneE-mail Adrress
    W.P.C.WICKRAMARATHNA  CGSE / (BAF)(Acting)) Central Government State Enterprises  0112887226 email aag
    Name With InitialsDivision CodeDescription of the sectorOffice TelephoneE-mail Adrress
    S. YAKANDAWALA TIP Tourism and Investment Promotion 112887037
    PER Performance and Environment Audit
    P.L.K.PERERA  HUD    112887369  hud@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    CMU     cmu@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    RCT     rct@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    E.A.G.ANANDA  WSS   113041315  wss@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    (EUD)(Acting)     eud@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    (HED)(Acting)     hed@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    G.A.M.I.GUNARATHNA  DMG   112887375  dmg@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    DEF     def@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    FFP     ffp@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    (AGD)(Acting)     agd@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    (IMU)(Acting)     imu@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    G.THEVAGNANAM NNP    0212212667  nnp@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
     (NNP-L )(Acting)      nnp.l@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    R.R.M. ABESINGHA BANDA  PUR   0112221773  pur@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    R.M.J.RATHNAYAKA  VTY    0112882291  vty@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    (POE) (Acting)    
    T. PREMALATHA    WNP-2    0112322671  wnp2@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    (WNP-1) (Acting)     wnp1@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    A. CHANDRAPALA     0112887368  -
    K.K.V.DHARMASIRI RQC    0112878576  rqc@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    LEW     lew@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    N.R.M. DHARMASIRI  SIN     0112662400  sin@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    ( CEN )(Acting)     cen@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    (CTP)(Acting)     ctp@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    Name With InitialsDivision CodeDescription of the sectorOffice TelephoneE-mail Adrress
    S.RANATHUNGA FLS Fisheries and Livestocks 0112878572

    M.S.NAYANA KUMARA CLP -L Central Province   0812233191

    H.P.N.PATHMASIRI SGP-L 0332232235


    K. UPANANDA  UVP Uva Province  0552222009

    (UVP-L)(Acting)      uvp.l@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    M.P.DHARMARATHNE NCP North Central Province 0252222704

    A.M. SATHAKATHULLA  ENP Eastern Province 0262222002

    (ENP - L)(Acting)    enp.l@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    H.G. SARATH SGP  Sabaragamuwa Division 0452264378  sgp@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    P.G. CHANDRARATHNA  SNP - L   0412225295   snp.l@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    I.SAMARAGE HSM / (JPA)(Acting) Health Services and Medical 0112878574  hsm@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    W.G.N. MENIKE EHA External and Home Affairs  0115980207
    S.M.D.S.S.ROHITHA TRE Treasury 0112435888   
    K.A. CHANDRAPALA NWP North Western Province 0372222707  
    M.G.B.G.P. FERNANDO  SUR /(LOR /TCM )(Acting) Surcharges/ overall supervision of the Audit of Local Authorities 0112887109


    M.SOMATHILAKA NCP-L   -  ncp.l@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    D.V.CHANDRALATHA IEN Irrigation and Environment 0112879360  
    CAS Culture, Arts and Sports  cas@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    Y. M. C. BANDA CLP   0812203195-  clp.l@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    S.M.N.THILAKARATHNA NWP-L    -  nwp.l@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    H.M.U.S.A.WIJEKOON IT       info@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    TEC(Acting) Technology    tec@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    W.M.P.A.FONSEKA RQC    0112887105  rqc@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    T.G.I.PADMINI POS    0112590459  pos@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    AVA(Acting)     ava@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    S.T.B.RATHNAYAKA  AGL    0112887016   agl@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    PLA(Acting)      pla@auditorgeneral.gov.lk
    Name  Designation  OfficeFaxE-mail
    Mrs.G.M.S.M.Dissanayake   Administrative Officer +94 112878578  
    NameDesignation       OfficeFaxE-mail
    Mr. S.S.K.Liyanage Chief Accountant +94 112887017 +94 112887017
    Mr.D.M.R.M.Dasanayake Accountant +94 112887021  
    Mr.D.G.Darmapala Financial Assistant    

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